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Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Woman With A Tumour Growing From Her Eye

A YOUNG mum with a large tumour growing from her eye is hoping for a normal life, as doctors try to find a way of removing it without risking her life. Nicoleta Leizeriuc, 28, from Mileanca, a small rural village in north east Romania, has lived with the benign tumour all her life. The mother-of-two is set to undergo surgery to remove the growth, but doctors first need to chemically reduce its size to prevent heavy blood loss during the operation. Nicoleta’s tumour has forced her to live as a recluse due to the constant ridicule she has faced from people in her village. Surgery to remove the tumour would transform her life.

Nicoleta’s story is the fourth episode in the new series of Body Bizarre, which airs on Thursday 20 October at 10pm on TLC UK.

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