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Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Hope For Swollen Head Baby

BRAVE 18-month-old baby girl whose head swelled to THREE times as large as its normal size battles for her
life as doctors desperately try to save her. Tiny baby Roona Begum was rushed to hospital after a condition called Hydrocephalus caused her skull to fill with fluid and balloon to a staggering 94 centimetres. 

At it's worst it weighed 7 kilos - half the little girl's weight - and the baby girl's life was in serious danger. And after her pictures were sent across the world caring medics at private hospital the Fortis Healthcare Group, in New Delhi, offered to operate on Roona for free.

 Now they have managed to slowly reduce the size of the toddler's head by almost 11 cm after a week of painstaking draining the cerebrospinal fluid from her skull. And it is hoped the treatment has given her a real chance of survival.

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